Christopher Sommers (The Water Diviner, Predestination and Unfinished Sky) is James Dalton, once a farmer, now a bounty hunter running from his past.

Vanessa Moltzen (Body in the Yard, I am Evangeline and Tracy) is Annie Blake- a wildling with the airs of a princess and leader of a gang of outlaws.

Hugh Parker (Crooked Business, My Mistress and Secrets and Lies (TV Series)) is Alan O’Rourke- a preacher who defied God for love and has to live with the consequences.

Renaud Jadin (Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure, My Mistress and Nice Package) is Norville- a French vagrant who took orphans Annie and Karl under his wing.

Troy MacKinder (Daybreakers, Scooby Doo and Sanctum) is Shotgun Murphy, neurotic clockmaker turned safecracker.

Sebastian Golenko is Karl Blake, Annie’s kid brother who tries to emulate the legendary figures of the west.

Helen Howard (The Fear of Darkness, The Glass Menagerie (Theatre) and As You Like It (Theatre)) is Caitlin O’Rourke, the Preacher’s Wife who just wants to go home.

Libby Munro (Eight, All Saints (TV Series) and SLiDE (TV Series)) is Jessica Dalton, late wife of James, the memory of her continues to haunt him.

Carol Burns (Gettin’ Square, Prisoner and Strikebound) is Miss Winnie, the Bank Teller on the front line of all the wild west.

Gemma Brookes is Young Annie

Javan Barnard is Young Karl