Escorting the fiery young Annie Blake and her gang to the sheriff in Blood Bay, bounty hunter James Dalton discovers the remains of a horrific massacre and rescues its sole survivor, a preacher. Before long the group are fighting for their lives against a zombie horde. As the Preacher’s secret unravels, Dalton realises what he’ll have to do to prevent his wife being resurrected as one of the living dead.



Michael Du-Shane Writer/Director

pic-michael.jpgMichael made his writing and directing debut in 2011 with a short film called 26 Bullets Dead. Made in just four short weeks from conception to completion the film pit cowboys and zombies against each other in an effort to create something fun, exciting and unique. It is that short film that started the metaphorical snowball rolling and inspired the feature film Bullets for the Dead.

Joshua C Birch Writer

665824_446657035371480_588674219_oJosh’s early directing aspirations saw him and friends regularly at their local country hospital thanks to his Jackass inspired videos. After a brief dalliance with nuclear medicine, Josh studied film in Canberra, then at Griffith. His grad film, Waking Stillness, was nominated for Best Drama at the Qld New Filmmaker Awards, he finishing third place in the Movie Extra Webfest 2010, and partnered up with Michael to produce 26 Bullets Dead in 2011.

Norm Wilkinson Producer

CrewPhoto__0008_NormNorm produced Australian’s first full SFX science fiction feature film The Time Guardian (1988) starring Carrie Fisher, Dean Stockwell and Tom Burlinson. Setting up Visionquest in 2000, he’s since  been making global factual stories, most recently The Last of the Great Apes?  a 3D transmedia film including cinema, giant screen, television and attractions.

Cathy Rodda Producer

Cathy grew up on radio plays and drive-in movies in the deep north of Australia and now produces feature films with Visionquest.  Her credits include the multiaward winning Unfinished Sky (2007), Separation City (2008), Ved Verdens Ende (At World’s End) and comedy sci fi cult hit Iron Sky (2012).


Christopher Sommers (The Water Diviner, Predestination and Unfinished Sky) is James Dalton, once a farmer, now a bounty hunter running from his past.

Vanessa Moltzen (Body in the Yard, I am Evangeline and Tracy) is Annie Blake- a wildling with the airs of a princess and leader of a gang of outlaws.

Hugh Parker (Crooked Business, My Mistress and Secrets and Lies (TV Series)) is Alan O’Rourke- a preacher who defied God for love and has to live with the consequences.

Renaud Jadin (Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure, My Mistress and Nice Package) is Norville- a French vagrant who took orphans Annie and Karl under his wing.

Troy MacKinder (Daybreakers, Scooby Doo and Sanctum) is Shotgun Murphy, neurotic clockmaker turned safecracker.

Sebastian Golenko is Karl Blake, Annie’s kid brother who tries to emulate the legendary figures of the west.

Helen Howard (The Fear of Darkness, The Glass Menagerie (Theatre) and As You Like It (Theatre)) is Caitlin O’Rourke, the Preacher’s Wife who just wants to go home.

Libby Munro (Eight, All Saints (TV Series) and SLiDE (TV Series)) is Jessica Dalton, late wife of James, the memory of her continues to haunt him.

Carol Burns (Gettin’ Square, Prisoner and Strikebound) is Miss Winnie, the Bank Teller on the front line of all the wild west.

Gemma Brookes is Young Annie

Javan Barnard is Young Karl


Bullets for the Dead is a feature film being produced by Visionquest Entertainment in association with the Griffith Film School in Brisbane Australia.

The film was born out of the film school, where in 2011, a bunch of final year students made a 3 minute zombie western short as part of a genre strand under the tutelage of Spanish director Alberto Sciamma.

Alberto thought it would make a good feature film and pitched it to friend and sales agent Michael Cowan at Stealth Media Group in the UK. Michael agreed. So did the film school, and the four key players in the short enrolled in the Masters program to develop the film.

In need of a producer, and in a less-than-six-degrees-of-separation moment, Michael rang Brisbane producer Cathy Rodda who he’d just been working with on Iron Sky to see if she’d be interested in producing. It was a great pitch, a no-brainer, so to speak.

And so the project was picked up by Visionquest where Cathy now works and Griffith Film School (GFS) committed to the project with a facilities deal. The original four are long graduated now, but the philosophy of new blood in old hands underpins the production. Student interns are working alongside seasoned professionals to learn their craft, earn a professional feature film credit, and gain a leg up into the industry.